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Safety Security Window Films in Lagos

The Global Energy Environment
According to the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), 40% of global energy is consumed by commercial buildings. Roughly 1/3 of the power consumption of a commercial building is due to excess load placed on HVAC systems due to solar heat gain.
High efficiency window films can reduce Solar Heat Gain by 50–75%, often without making a drastic change in aesthetics from either the interior or exterior view; unless you choose to in order to reach a specific objective. Window films help to manage Solar Heat Gain by controlling the transmission, absorption and reflection of solar energy.
It’s a simple equation, if the heat is kept out of the box then less energy is spent to cool the box.
Retrofit And New Construction
Window film as a retrofit solution can be one of the quickest and simplest ECM’s (energy conservation measures) available, as well as the most cost effective. In regard to new construction, window film can be used as an energy control boost to glass performance and/or to achieve a desired look.

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