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- Bharat R

We're really happy with the film installation. Best Solar Window Films in Lagos. Our main issue was reducing solar heat from a two story glass wall of windows.  Previously the space would easily climb 10 degrees once the sun started to hit the glass. Solar Window Films in Abuja. Since the film install, we've seen the thermostat rise 4 degrees and stay there.  Problem solved!  We looked into roller shades from a blinds company which cost the same amount or more, were bulky and would block the view.  Super happy we went with glass film.  Thanks Solar Scape team for helping us decide between the roller shades and glass film.

- CA B

We have a fleet of 48 vehicles and we were looking for security films for securing our assets. After evaluating a lot of vendors we found solar scape to be one of the most professional vendor proving the service, Best Solar Window Films in Lagos, not only did they help us to solve our problem but also they provided expert advice on how to go about this job. Solar Window Films in Abuja. The quality level was superb , on-time and with reasonable rates. We highly recommend Solar Scape Nigeria Ltd to anyone looking for such solution

- thomas o

We wanted an African Heritage picture on our glass wall, we contacted Solar Scape, they visited the site, Best Solar Window Films in Lagos, came up with an artwork, which was approved and the final result was a sharp, vibrant picture installed on our office site, Solar Window Films in Abuja.Great Work


We are Representatives of Madico Window Films USA, we specialize in the business of Supply and Installation of Solar Control Window Films, Decorative Frosted Window Films & Safety Security Glass Protection Window Films, Solar Window Films in Lagos. We also do printed branded wall coverings and glass films, Solar Window Films in Abuja. We Supply as well we Install, we have a trained team of Installers working with us. In short we can provide for all your Glass Enhancement Requirements.




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