Solar Window Films in Abuja-Solar Scape Nigeria Ltd (MADICO NIGERIA)

Solar Window Films in Abuja

Solar window Films in abuja. Do you have big windows or sun roofs which transmit heat, glare into your office, residential property resulting in discomfort and inconvenience to the occupants, if yes we have a solution to your problem.

MADICO® Solar Control window film (Solar Tints) once installed on glass surface can reduce upto 80% of the Suns solar hear, 91% glare reduction, and 99.9% harmful UV ray reduction. Also a huge reduction in energy cost. You can convert those hot spots into cool spots with a little investment. MADICO® window film come with a life span of 15 to 20 yrs,

Solar Window Films in Abuja

ZERO maintenance once the film is installed on your glass and a manufacturer’s warranty against any discoloration, peeling, bubbling between 5 to 10 years depending on the type of film. Call us now for further information
Mobile – +2348073516183 / +2349044080861
Email – ssnlafrica@gmail.com
Website – http://www.solarscapenigeria.com

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